January 23rd, 2017

The Felix Zone

The Felix Zone is FINALLY GOING LIVE! It's where I'll be writing about work, life, gender, games, cats - the essentials really.

For a couple years now I've been meaning to take my work off of my ask.fm and transfer it to a site of my own. Most of what I write is about gender and sexuality, but I wanted a place to post about my experiences in game production and marketing. I also needed an online portfolio of sorts, or at least a visual list of games I've worked on, as well as a list of resources I often direct people to when they ask me for advice on feminism, games, and gender. It just made sense to put it all in one place, and Jeff gave me the idea to register felix.zone, so here we are!

I'll be adding past and current projects to the projects page as time goes on, and updating the blog as often as I can. And if you can think of any resources that should be on the resources page, fire me an email over at felix@felix.zone!

Things are tough and life is a garbage fire sometimes! I hope this site gives me a place to collect thoughts and share a bit of myself. And if you ever want to reach out - the contact page has my info.

This site was fully designed by Nick (you can see a link to his site at the bottom of every page) - he's a design wizard and I owe him so much. Please check his stuff out if you're looking to hire a designer.

OKAY THAT'S IT! More soon. In the meantime, check out my cats - they're p good cats.